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Bioextreme Hairspray

BIO EXTREME SPRAY hairspray provides long-lasting, strong and flexible fixation and a brilliant shine. The extremely dry formula ensures the creation of any style from the latest hairdressing trends – 4th level of fixation. The composition of the varnish includes innovative polymers that envelop the hair fibers, which give the effect of optimal structuring, thanks to which the drying time is adapted to the time of shaping the hairstyle. In addition, the varnish gives the hair volume, fluffiness and makes the hair shine beautifully. It has a hairstyle memory even after combing the hair. Does not stick hair, beautiful shine, increased volume, strong fixation.


500 ML


Apply to dry hair. Spray the strands from a distance of approx. 30 cm. For volume, spray directly at the root.


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Weight 450 g