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Hand Sanitising Gel 250ml


Fast drying, with peppermint essential oil rich in omega-3, menthol, iron, magnesium, calcium. Vitamin A and C, gives the skin a fresh, healthy and radiant appearance. It contains glycerine with wetting properties that allow to deeply moisture the skin. It is a natural anti-dryness antidote with sebum-balancing properties. Practical gel to use when you want to clean your hands but do not have water and soap at your disposal. It leaves the skin scented and clean. It does not stick. Suitable for the most sensitive skin. How to use: pour a small quantity of gel on both hands, distribute evenly on backs, palms, and in interdigital spaces. Massage till complete absorption. Repeat the application as needed.

100 ML | FL. OZ. 3.38

500 ML | FL. OZ. 16.9


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