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Everyday Care

Professional hair products for use in your home



An exclusive three-step system for producing ethereal and long-lasting honey, sandy and ice blondes.



A comprehensive line of anti-frizz products designed to fight humidity.


A line designed to harness the rich lustre of luminescine.

Leave in

Finishing products to achieve any styling result.

Smoothing line

For creating the ultimate smooth hair quicker and keeping the sleek for longer.


Gives the colour staying power and revives shine.


Fine hair enjoys new-found body and volume.


Anti Dandruff

Line of dandruff products. Reduces and fights dandruff, working on the skin and roots.

Dermo Calm

Designed for sensitive skin. Dermo Calm products are soothing, reduce redness and help prevent irritation.

Hair Repair

Comprehensive line designed to rebuild hair, from scalp to root.

Home Beauty Spa

Relaxation and aromatherapy line.

Loss Control

Product line designed to help stop and fight hair loss.

Sebo Balance

Designed for oily skin. Improves and reduces sebum production.

Home beauty detox

The 3 products in the HOME BEAUTY DETOX line are key allies in creating a wellness routine, suitable for purifying and improving the appearance of skin and hair, in the salon and at home.



Innovative keratin straightening and anti-frizz treatment. Straight hair for up to six months.

Crono Age

Balance (Girl)

Balance: formulated for younger users, whose hair is prone to going greasy and getting dirty easily, this line comprises: a balancing shampoo, a taming mask and a leave-in with sebum-normalizing and nourishing active ingredients.


Finishing products to achieve any styling result you want and define your hair look.

Energy (Lady)

Energy: don't rush it. Massage slowly into the scalp and breathe in all the beautiful fragrances of this line formulated for people with very active lives whose hair is exposed to daily stressors. The detoxifying shampoo, repair mask and volumizing leave-in are packed with antioxidants and aloe vera, perfect for soothing and moisturizing the scalp.

Vitality (Madame)

Vitality: life is... starting no matter when. Start taking care of your hair with the reinvigorating shampoo, leave-in and revitalizing hair mask to help stop hair loss and provide your locks with lustre and vitality.

Sun Ritual

Caring for your hair is a must, and that means over the summer months too! Hydrate and protect your locks from sand, sun and sea water with the Sun Ritual line.