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Crono Age

Three solutions, three treatments, three requirements. A treatment trio for rebalancing, repairing and revitalizing damaged, dull and tired hair.


Balance (Girl)

Balance: formulated for younger users, whose hair is prone to going greasy and getting dirty easily, this line comprises: a balancing shampoo, a taming mask and a leave-in with sebum-normalizing and nourishing active ingredients.

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Balance Dry Hair Shampoo

Normalizes excess sebum. Formulated for youn...
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Balance Smoothing Hair Mask

Taming hair mask Formulated for younger user...


Finishing products to achieve any styling result you want and define your hair look.


Complementary 12-in-1 Multi-Action

12-in-1 Multi-Action Everything you need in...
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Complementary Liss Action

Smoothing action Absorbs excess water quickl...
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Complementary Volume Action

Volume action Fine hair looks voluminous, fu...

Energy (Lady)

Energy: don't rush it. Massage slowly into the scalp and breathe in all the beautiful fragrances of this line formulated for people with very active lives whose hair is exposed to daily stressors. The detoxifying shampoo, repair mask and volumizing leave-in are packed with antioxidants and aloe vera, perfect for soothing and moisturizing the scalp.

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Energy Repair Mask

Repairing hair mask Formulated for people wi...
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Energy Detox Shampoo

Damaged hair detox shampoo Formulated for pe...

Vitality (Madame)

Vitality: life is... starting no matter when. Start taking care of your hair with the reinvigorating shampoo, leave-in and revitalizing hair mask to help stop hair loss and provide your locks with lustre and vitality.

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Vitality Revitalising Hair Shampoo

Reinvigorating shampoo for weakened hair For...
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Vitality Revitalising Hair Mask

Revitalizing hair mask To rejuvenate dull, t...